Who is Gerald Kong?

Well, sometimes it’s interesting to know that the things we share about ourselves with others determine how deep the relationship can go.  I will therefore choose to share the reason how I got to be so passionate in what I do and how the same passion drives me to do what I am doing today.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Design & Digital Media and also working for the government in UK for 7 years, the question that I had to ask myself when I first landed back in Malaysia was “what’s next?”. I ended up investing and being an active partner in a typical IT solutions company specializing in IT infra and disaster recovery. Being a partner driving the company, marketing would always be a challenge in many ways especially when you have been away for a long time. I struggled for a pretty long time as I never had the guts to cold call anyone even when a filtered database was given to me.

I don’t have that many friends at that time and the classmates, college and university mates were all either working their souls out for someone else or were somewhere around the planet. Unfortunately for me, advertising would not work well for us as IT consultants.

The only wise thing that I did at that time was to accept an invitation from a supplier to attend a business networking session. To be honest, besides computer networking that I understood pretty well, other definitions of networking to me would normally mean network marketing or an activity where people who are pretty advanced in age would indulge themselves in. I participated and I was impressed. It wasn’t attended by those senior people as earlier thought and neither is it anything about multi-level marketing companies. It was an exciting meeting where business owners from different professions come together to share their database of customers in the most effective way. My decision was made on that very morning itself where I will commit to doing these activities.

It took me less than 3 months before I was awarded a contract of US$3 million and within the next 2 years, I received more than US$12 million worth of business through referrals. I also benefited from the ideas, recommendations, concepts, suggestions and collaborations from all the networking activities.

With the little success above, I was asked to share my story and techniques on how I achieved success in such a short period. I was also offered a position to mentor a few groups of business owners. It was during this time that I realized my passion in training and coaching. The most satisfying part of this role is when I see the people that I mentor getting the business effectively after I mentor them.

Knowing that the role of both a trainer and coach requires practising and learning, I took on the role as a Networking Program Trainer and also got myself certified as a trainer for the Ministry of Human Resource.

The involvement in training and coaching allowed me to meet and influence more people than I could imagine. My business continued to grow and diversify because of this, I met my wife in this process and helping people to grow their social capital became easier and natural.