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“Endless Referrals Thru Effective Networking”
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Ever asked yourself why do we go around networking, collecting namecards, meeting tons of people and yet not having any real success? Is it because networking is not working? If networking is just a waste of time, why do people still meet?
More than 80% of successful businesses and individuals grow their business through referrals and the only reason why they are successful is because they know where to go, who to network with and most importantly, how marketing through the network works.
This course in Referral marketing will help you to understand the importance and cost effective way of growing your business successfully through this form of marketing.

The real Guru of Referral
- Nicholas Shum, Prudential Agent, Malaysia.
A must-have training for all agents
– Teh Mei Li, AIA Agency Manager, Malaysia.
Now I have a powerful tool
– Aaron Yap, Senior Financial Planner, Singapore


“Endless Referrals to Grow Your Agency”
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Let’s face the facts! Social Capital is the most important asset in your business as a financial planner. It determines the number of agents you would have, the customers and contacts that are more than willing to refer businesses and people to you and most importantly, your ability to grow your agency successfully.
This course will help you to understand the importance and cost effective way of growing your agency successfully through referrals.
Your agents and yourself will no longer have to waste anymore time at events and meetings. You will all be able to covert contacts to connections!

Adopting his methods for years
- Jenny Yeoh, Prudential Agency Manager & TOT, Malaysia
Gerald is my Success Consultant!
– Jimmy Wong, Hong Leong Agency Manager, Malaysia
I love his Referral Campaigns
- Peter Ng, Prudential Agency Manager, Malaysia