Upcoming Programs

I run different programs to empower my participants with the required skills and mastery over networking, referral marketing and most importantly, growing their business or their organization’s social capital. The following are the upcoming as well as the regular programs. Feel free to contact me should you need more info.

Upcoming Programs:

Unlocking the Social Media Code thru Effective Networking

Date: Saturday, 28th Apr 2012

Time: 10AM to 1PM

Living in the age where Facebook often replaces our phone calls, YouTube becomes hotter that the cable TV and blogging becomes an ordinary diary, do you or your organizations know how to use it effectively as a corporate communication tool?
Social Media is no longer a fad but an effective media to get messages across. While most courses focus on the technical aspects of utilizing Social Media tools, this course will help your organization to communicate effectively by understanding and mastering the soft skills required to be a Master Networker. This will enable individuals in an organization to be highly effective in networking and growing the organization’s Networth!

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Social Networking Magic

Date: Saturday 12th May 2012

Time: 9AM to 6PM

With smartphones and tablest being the communication tool of this century, it’s hard to ignore the potential and power of Social Media.
Billions of dollar have been spent on this media and Social Media Consultant appears to be a profession. Have you asked yourself how you can capitalize on this?
This program helps our participants to understand and master the networking skills required to succeed in using Social Media tools. It also includes 12 months coaching to ensure our participants implements the skill that they learn.

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Future Programs

For future programs, please click on the links below:

If you are an HR Manager

If you are an Entrepreneur or Business Owner

If you are a Financial Planner, Agency Manager or Real Estate Agent